Chinese Medicine Demystified!
Optimal Healing: A Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine   Balance for Health Publishing   
Dr. Tsang has done an outstanding job of interpreting the ancient practice of TCM into contemporary Western medical terms. She does this in a very accessible and engaging manner, weaving in case examples that bring the practice of TCM alive.”
Priscilla Abercrombie, RN, NP, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSF Department of Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Science and Community Health Systems Nursing

A superb overview that will enable patients, students, and health professionals to better understand Traditional Chinese Medicine and its integration into Western medical practice. The book is lucid and engaging, filled with personal examples that draw in the reader and help clarify the often strange-sounding TCM terms, while providing specific information on diagnosis and therapy. The author is a Western trained physician who later learned TCM and integrated it into her practice, way before it became as fashionable as it now is. I think this would be a terrific book for every new student of acupuncture and Oriental medicine to read as they begin and then continue their studies.”
Gary M Arsham, MD, PhD, Chair, California Pacific Medical Center Institutional Review Board, Member of Advisory Board, Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine, Coauthor of Diabetes: A guide to Living Well and 101 Tips for Coping with Diabetes

“Dr. Tsang turns the spotlight on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and through the prism of her own Western medical training explains its virtues and limitations for both lay readers and fellow professionals. She takes us on a journey throught her own development and understanding of TCM, its cultural implicatio
ns and present-day applications. I highly recommend this book for anyone considering using or studying this important avenue to health.”
Barbara Bishop, M.D. Chair, Department of Family Medicine, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco

“Dr. Tsang brings a scientific perspective to an ancient system of Chinese medicine. By integrating her Eastern and Western training, she provides simple and elegant clarification of the principles of Chinese medicine for the Western reader.”
John Kim, MD, MPH, Practitioner of Family Medicine, Acupuncture, and Integrative Medicine, Tyrone, Georgia

“This book is not just about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), but a guide which connects the knowledge of a historic practice from China and the technology-rich scientific method of modern medicine. As an American-born Chinese, I grew up with snippets of the Chinese approach to health, i.e., foods and people’s conditions, that are “leung” (cold), “yit” (hot), and “yit hey” (described as Hot Qi in the book). Optimal Healing is the first book I’ve read that explains them in understandable Western scientific terms. With excellent credentials and a clear writing style, Dr. Tsang does a great job of explaining the philosophy behind and the application of TCM to improve our health and lifestyle.”
Sherlyn Leong,
“In Optimal Healing, Patricia Tsang offers an informed exploration of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and its interface with Western biomedicine. She writes as a board certified anesthesiologist who has also made an intensive study of TCM. The book is filled with acute clinical observations, scientific findings, and probing analysis of the research opportunities in TCM that would greatly expand our understanding of human healing.”
Michael Lerner, PhD, president, Commonweal, author of Choices in Healing: The Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer

“From reading this marvelous book, written by a physician trained in both Western and Eastern medicine, I have gained a basic understanding of herbal and acupuncture treatments. With this new knowledge, I can now better relate to my patients who have been successfully treated with complementary approaches. I also found the section on foods and diet enlightening. I recommend it for every practicing physician as well as every medical student.”
Cynthia Point, M.D. internist, San Francisco, AOA, member ACP, Best Doctor category Internist 2000, 2002-2007

“For the first time, a book about integrating TCM and Western medical practices, written by a physician who has trained in both disciplines and has practiced many years using this approach with many gratifying outcomes. A required textbook for every TCM teaching institution! A must for any physician who wishes to integrate the Eastern and Western approaches in his or her practice.”
Y. Clement Shek, DDS, Associate Clinical Professor UCSF School of Dentistry, former member of San Francisco Health Commission

“This is a landmark book that bridges the gap between Eastern and Western medicine. It truly demystifies traditiona Chinese medicine. I appreciate how the author has set straight that there are stages to disease and a best time to use Eastern versus Western medicine.”
Derrina Wu, M.D., internist, San Francisco

“This keenly written book is about the power of herbs and needles to produce healing, about the integration of Eastern with Western medicine for optimal health care. You don’t have to be a medical student, a proponent of acupuncture, or a hypochondriac to dive right into its rich content.”
       Bob Howdy, PhD, Exchange Publishibng.Com

“Optimal Healing provides a very useful summary of TCM and its relationship to Western medicine that would be most useful as an introduction for patients and practitioners with little or no knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The language is clear, the text is very readable and the clinical examples are relevant and interesting.”
      William Boogs, MD, DABMA, Universitty of Florida, Medical Acupuncture Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Chinese Medicine De-Mystified for Westerners, June 3, 2009
By Eve Y. Visconti (Foster City, CA)
"Optimal Healing: A Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine was not only very interesting, it helped me to de-mystify the whole area of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Reading this book, one gets an insight into how the Chinese culture and philosophy influences their practice of medicine, and how it can be used effectively, along with Western Medicine to provide a more holistic and humane practice of the art of healing."

5.0 out of 5 stars Explanation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Western terminology, May 20, 2009
By B. Codding
"Having tried acupuncture to alleviate a painful "frozen" shoulder years ago, I am interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but find its terminology baffling. Optimal Healing clears up the mysteries very quickly. The author, Dr. Patricia Tsang, is a second generation Chinese American and a classically trained Western physician, who learned TCM and integrated it into her medical practice for many years. From this unique perspective, she readily translates TCM terminology and practices into terms that lay people can easily understand. I highly recommend it for those interested in TCM as an addition to Western medical applications or for those interested in Eastern massage practices."